With two separate illuminated rings

Corsair has added yet another set of RGB LED fans to their lineup. The new fans are called LL and they should become available starting from today. Corsair already offers the SP and HD series in the case of RGB LED fans, however the LL series look much more customizable due to the hardware controller.

DDR4 rainbow unicorns from Corsair

Corsair has updated their Vengeance DDR4 memory lineup with modules that come with a heatspreader kept in white. The new series includes seven models with frequencies ranging from DDR4-3000 to DDR4-3600. Apart from that the kits are available in different capacities, where the smallest is a 2 x 8GB kit and it goes all the way up to 8 x 16GB.

With 16GB capacity

Following the launch of the G.Skill DDR4-4600, even Corsair intros a ridiculously fast DDR4-4600MHz CL19-23-23-43 memory kit with a total capacity of 16GB (2 x 8GB). The Vengeance LPX DDR4-4600MHz 16GB retail kits are aimed at high-end X299 motherboards.

Improved on all corners

Already the predecessor of this updated Void Pro RGB Wireless headset was a nice peripheral to used at work or at home for gaming but it wasn’t perfect and had it’s little problems. There was for instance the microphone on the now older model, which could have been a bit better, but other than that it’s been a pretty solid headset. Therefore we’re rather curious to find out what it is that Corsair actually reworked.

Sounds like a juicy deal with potential

Corsair has announced that from now on they’re the exclusive supplier of memory in the case of Lenovo’s upcoming gaming PCs. The first Lenovo gaming PC that is going to be equipped with Corsair memory will be the Legion Y920. Becoming partner of Lenovo on such a level is certainly a volume deal.

The first PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD from Corsair

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than your usual SATA drives. New markets always offer new opportunities and that on the other hand means that different vendors will launch new products. While the MP500 was the first NVMe drive from Corsair, which featured a M.2 form factor, the Neutron NX500 is now the second drive from the Americans. This time the SSD comes in the shape of an add-in-card with a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface.

Featuring NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Corsair One and we were impressed by the size, thermal performance and speed of this little gaming PC but one of the things we were really wishing for was a config with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. Corsair is finally at the point where they launched such a SKU and they’ve combined it with their own NVMe SSD.

EagleTree Capital now holds the majority of shares

Last week, rumors of a potential buyout regarding Corsair started to emerge. It appeared that the investment company "EagleTree" had shown interest in a major part of Corsair’s privately owned shares. Meanwhile the deal has been confirmed by Corsair themselves with EagleTree Capital buying a majority of the shares for $525 US million.

Now in white

A few months ago, in order to celebrate their 10th anniversary in power supply business and more than 10 million units sold, Corsair has unveiled a special edition of their RM1000i power supply. The unit was kept completely in white and therefore had pretty unique looks. Now the company unveils a new series of PSUs with this very same color option.

Private equity investor

According to the latest rumors, it appears that Corsair and EagleTree Capital a flirting in regards to a possible buyout. According to a report that’s be published by Reuters, EagleTree Capital seems to be interested in acquiring Corsair for $500 US million. The discussions are said to already be in advanced stages, so a deal might actually be happening.

The first PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD from Corsair

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than your usual SATA drives. New markets always offer new opportunities and that on the other hand means that different vendors will launch new products. The Neutron NX500 is the first PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD from Corsair.

Water blocks, fittings and reservoirs

After Phanteks and Thermaltake, it was just matter of time before Corsair entered the market of water cooling components. According to the latest rumors, Corsair might join the market for custom water cooling components. Judging by the pictures, the water blocks as well as the fittings might be produced by Aquacomputer.

Up to DDR4 3600MHz

Corsair shows new Dominator Platinum memory on almost a yearly basis. Since quite a while the vendor is only marketing these kits as special editions, being numbered. The latest Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque makes no exception with that rule.

With hybrid liquid cooler

Corsair has officially launched their GTX 1080 Ti Hydro GFX graphics card, which has been designed in cooperation with MSI. The card comes with an all-in-one liquid cooling unit taking care of the GPU and active cooling for the VRMs. Although on the paper this card only comes with a small factory overclock, it’s quite a bit quicker than NVIDIA's Founders Edition.

Four models available

Corsair has announced their new Corsair One systems. They are supposed , a new lineup of pre-built systems designed to deliver high performance in a tiny package. The design remind us a bit of a Mac Pro, however Corsair has added several vents to improve the airflow and a few LEDs can be found as well.

DDR4 rainbow unicorns from Corsair

Corsair is finally bringing RGB lighting to their Vengeance DDR4 memory lineup. Memory modules were some of the very last components allowing for RGB lighting, since it can be quite tricky to create a way to control the color on the DIMMs. At the moment the company is offering four models but we will see more quite soon.

First RGB kit from Corsair

During CES 2017 Corsair has revealed a new RGB memory kit. Corsair already had several products in its portfolio that featured LED lighting, but none of those offered RGB capabilities. According the latest news from the manufacturer, there will soon be Vengeance DDR4 RGB memory kits available.

New power supplies and gaming peripherals

During the CES 2017 Corsair has announced a few new products including mice, keyboards and power supplies. During the past years Corsair has introduced several new power supplies and lately they are also pushing with SFX units. Following the trend, they’re also showing new gaming peripherals with RGB lighting effects.

More details during CES 2017

Right after G.Skill announced their TridentZ RGB, Corsair has also revealed some footage on a RGB memory kit. At the moment Corsair's portfolio features several backlit memory modules but none of those kits comes with RGB lighting. According the latest news from the manufacturer, there is going to be a Vengeance DDR4 RGB memory kit.

The first NVMe SSD from Corsair

Although we have seen many manufacturers joining the M.2 SSD market, Corsair hasn't released any drive so far. The Italian online store Drako.it has now listed suche a drive, which goes by the name Force MP500 NVMe PCIe 3.0 and it’s based on the M.2 2280 form factor.
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