Intel DZ77RE-75K vs Washing Machine at 1'500 RPM!

Published by Christian Ney on 28.09.12
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Vi siete mai chiesti che cosa possa accadere a una scheda madre dopo un viaggio in lavatrice? Beh, in ocaholic ci son solo persone pazze ed è stato facile trovare qualcuno disposto a farlo! Indonvinate? È stato registrato! Intel DZ77RE-78K vs Waschmaschine @ 1'500 RPM

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Momenti migliori:
Debutto: 0:00
Risciacquo: 0:33:50
Centrifuga: 0:43:20
1'500 RPM: 0:59:30
Rimozione scheda madre: 1:01:50

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  • Because the dishwasher was too mainstream
  • It will be fun they said
  • Trust me I am an engineer
  • I hope the glass is motherboardproof
  • 1'500 rpm part must be the best one
  • Will it blend? doing it wrong!
  • That's one reason my girlfiend doesn't want to live with me
  • I am not crazy my mother had me tested
  • Just because I can
  • There is no substitue for immaturity

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