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Published by Luca Rocchi on 29.01.15
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If you are looking for a powerful small desktop system which can be easily used during various events and LAN parties, the MSI Nightblade is definitely a very good choice. Despite the ITX form factor of the system, MSI managed to squeeze some powerful components inside. In our tests, the small MSI Nightblade proved to be fast and efficient. We tested the computer in various fields and scenarios, comparing the result obtained with our platform using Intel's Core i7-4770K CPU and the same graphics card. The results obtained in the 3D environments, where the graphics card is most important, as well as in 2D environments, where mainly pushes the CPU, and storage influenced tests, show that MSI Nightblade PC system is a great product. Naturally, there is a huge difference of scores in some benchmarks, since our comparison system uses a Intel Core-i7 CPU with Hyper Threading and higher frequencies.

The temperatures measured in games and benchmarks are not superior to a normal case, however, they still remain at very good levels. During our game sessions with the fans set at auto, we never detected any clock drop. As for storage, you get two Plextor PX-128M6M SSDs in RAID0 configuration, which provide fast access to the applications and OS, while for games and various other storage, you get a standard 2TB HDD. The perfomance of the RAID0 configuration is very good, and only 4K read performance could be better.

MSI Nightblade features an automatic overclocking mode (OC GENIE) that pushes the CPU up by additional 200 MHz, providing a boost of 115%. Our tests showed that the boost promised by MSI is real and sometimes even higher. The noise produced by MSI Nightblade is very low and on good level. We tested the system in many scenarios and with various settings, and in almost all tests, the MSI Nightblade was always rather quiet.

Now, we come to the price, and MSI Nighblade by Sglepboys is available at AK Informatica for €1650. Unfortunately, it is not available in the same version that we had a chance to test today but uses very similar components. We have tried to configure a PC system using the same components combined with MSI Nightblade case at and the price difference between the two configurations is very low, and in our opinion, is more than justified.


The MSI Nightblade is an excellent compact gaming PC with a design you need to like. If this is the case, then we can highly recommend this little gaming machine and it's definitely worth the 1650 Euro AK Informatica is asking for it!
The MSI Nightblade receives very good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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