ASUS Strix R7 370 DirectCU II OC 4GB Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 25.06.15
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General + -
The R7 370 STRIX is yet another good custom card from ASUS. The DirectCU II cooler, which is capable of deactivating the fans, when the cards is in idle does a great job. Apart from that there is a high quality power design and memory, which can be overclocked by quite a bit. AMD has been claiming that the R7 370 should be suitable for 1080p gaming. Having a closer look at the results gathered in 10 different games, this is definitely the case. The card is capable of pumping out 40 to 50 fps even at very high settings. You might have been asking yourself why there are no results in 2160p. Since this card is simply not powerful enough to cope with such load, we see no point in testing UHD. At a later stage we will try a Crossfire setup with these two cards. Since there is 4 GB VRAM some games might become playable with such a configuration.   - Cooling
- Design
- Noise level
Cooling / Noise Level   + -
As noted earlier, the DirectCU II cooler on this particular card is quite powerful. We very much like the fact, that in idle this card is inaudible, since the fans are not spinning at all. Under load the card is still very silent and the cooler maintains a maximum temperature of 80°C, which is a perfectly reasonable temperature target.   - Inaudible in 2D
- Silent in 2D
Performance   + -
Compared to the reference design, this card features a 75MHz factory overclock. Therefore the performance is a little bit higher. On average you can expect this particular card to be roughly 8 percent quicker than the reference card from AMD.

When it comes to power consumption we see that our system burns 58 Watts in idle and 184 Watts under full load. Overall power consumption is on the level we expected it to be and the high quality power design helps scraping off a few Watts every here and there.
[en]Recommendation / Price   + -
At the moment we find this card listed in Europe for 199 Euro. At this price point the ASUS Radeon R7 370 4GB is a decent card with a great cooler. Should you be looking for an AMD based card, that allows you to play games at 1080p, then this particular model is a good choice.   - 1080p Gaming
- Silent PC
The ASUS Radeon R7 370 4GB receives good 4 out of 5 stars.


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