ASRock X99 Extreme6 Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 17.02.15
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Allgemein   + -
With the X99 Extreme6 ASRock has a solid motherboard in it's portfolio, which is based on Intels latest X99 chipset. Having a closer look at the features mix reveals, that the manufacturer has been taking quite a few reasonable descisions. ASRock has for example been holding back on installing too many additional chips, which is something you see in the final price of this product. On another note there are no SATA Express ports on this board. These days there are virtually no SATA Express devices available, which can be seen as a justification for not equipping the board with such ports.   - Design
- Layout
- Number of USB3.0 ports
Layout   + -

The ASRock X99 Extreme6's layout has been very well thought. Once more practical are the angled SATA connectors as well as the power- and reset-buttons. There is also a debug display which is very useful in case you should have issues with a component in your system or the board itself. Apart from that the placement of the PCI-Express x16 slots is very well chosen. There is a total of three PCI Express slots, and between the first and the second PCI Express x16 slot there is a M.2 x4 slot. Apart from that we find two additional PCI Express x1 slots on this board.

  - Angled SATA connectors - 2 x PCI Express x1
- Power/Reset-Button onboard
- Debug display
- Space around the CPU socket - M.2 x4
- No SATA Express
Performance   + -
Let's have closer look at overall 3D performance. Calcualting the average of all 3D benchmarks we ran, we see that this board comes in fourth place out of ten X99 motherboards we've tested so far. Concerning the average of all 2D benchmarks we ran, this board reaches sixth position. Overall this board does pretty well and ranks in the center of our comparison tables. On another note we had a look at power consumption and it turns out that this board is quite a bit more power efficient than other models.   - Power consumption - 3DMark Ice Storrm
Overclocking / BIOS   + -
The BIOS of the X99 Extreme6 is identical from what you get with other recent ASRock motherboards these days the only difference is the backgound color. This means the basic structure and also the design has not been changed. Overall the structure is easy to understand and even if you're not a very experienced user you will find the things you'd like to change. On another note ASRock is dedicated and pushing hard did a pretty good job with this on but still, every here and there the performance could be improved.   - Clear arrangement - Sheer amount of options  
Recommendation   + -
The ASRock X99 Extreme6 is on of the more affordable X99 motherboards. You can find this particular model listed at geizhals for a price of 240 Euro. Since the launch the price already dropped by 30 Euro and we expect it to remain stable for quite a while now. Overall you get a very reasonable X99 motherboard that is best to be equipped with an Intel Core i7-5820K CPU.   - Workstation
- Enthusiast
We give the ASRock X99 Extreme6 very good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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