Jonsbo UMX4 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 23.08.16
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Description du produit


The Jonsbo UMX4 is a rather small case designed for ATX motherboards and high-end graphics cards. Unlike most PC cases, there are no large openings in the front and its outer shell is very smooth, since it has been made from aluminum. Only the rear and top panels features a mesh, which helps realizing decent cooling. The build quality is good, which is what we've come to expect from this manufacturer. When it comes to the side panel, there is not much to say since they're both quite simple and without any openings. Jonsbo offers this version with a large tempered glass panel, which allows you to see your hardware. On this model, the I/O connectors have been located at the front in the bottom and they include two USB3.0 ports, two USB2.0 ports and the classic 3.5mm audio jacks.

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