Tesoro Sharur Spectrum Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.11.16
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Already at a first glance it becomes clear that the Sharur Spectrum is a harmoniously and ergonomically shaped gaming mouse. Tesoro is making use of a classic shape and the dimensions are average. The materials are well-made and the mouse is also well manufactured with a lot of attention to detail. The rough and porous surface ensures excellent grip, while the smooth top makes it very comfortable right from the beginning. Thanks to the fact, that this is a symmetrically shaped gaming mouse, right- and left-handed gamers can use it. Other than that, the Tesoro Sharur Spectrum features a very smooth surface with a black matte finish. The materials used are of very good quality and comfortable. The Tesoro Sharur Spectrum gaming mouse features a total of six buttons which are fully programmable via software. The top of the mouse features the classic button devoted to the DPI setting as well as a solid wheel which is backlit and almost entirely covered with rubber. All the buttons are placed precisely where they belong, and even the top ones are easy to reach and not prone to accidental clicks.


Tesoro decided to equip the Sharur Spectrum with a Avago ADNS-5050 sensor. The maximum resolution is 4000 DPI, which is more than enough for any kind of gamer. The optical sensor is placed in the center. If you are looking for additonal weights, you will be disappointed, since this mouse does not allow for any customization in that direction. Tesoro decided to provide the Sharur Spectrum with two big, high-quality glide pads. Furthermore, the glide pads are made from teflon, which means they will last for a very long time. A closer look at the cable reveals that it has been braided with a black braid.

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