Phanteks Eclipse P350X Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 23.05.18
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Product overview


  • Eclipse P350X
  • Eclipse P350X
  • Eclipse P350X
  • Eclipse P350X
The Eclipse series from Phanteks is designed for a entry-level gaming systems, with the price of this case being noticeably below the 70 Euro mark. Despite it being a very attractive chassis, Phanteks did not sacrifice quality or features. Design wise Phanteks cases have always had and still have unique looks, while appearing aggressive to a certain extent and sleek at the same time. The main difference between the Eclipse P350X and the P300 regards the aesthetics. While the Eclipse P300 comes with a rather clean front panel, the P350X sports two RGB LED strips integrated into the front part. Furthermore there is a little RGB LED strip on the left panel right below the tempered glass. The Eclipse P350X comes with a large window made from tempered glass and at the moment isnt't available with classic solid side panels. In order to keep the lines as simple as possible, Phanteks placed the I/O connectors on the top and here we find two USB 3.0 ports as well as mini-jacks for mic and headphones. The back panel is simple and straight forward as we find the opening for a 120/140mm fan, space for the I/O shield and a total for seven slot bezels covering the motherboards expansion slots. The bottom part of the case features an opening for the ATX power supply and the removable and washable dust filter.

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