ASUS MX279H Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 29.04.13
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Image quality

ASUS equipped the MX279H with a matte finish. Thanks to this surface there are no reflections at all. Even in case there is direct sunlight, text remains readable. Taking a closer look at colors shows, that red, green, and blue are bright but they don’t seem to be vibrant or vivid. When looking at white it appears to be light grey and in case of a black screen one can see backlight bleeding, which means that the background light is shimmering on the edge of the display. Overall the image quality is good and when we’re complaining then we’re doing to on a high level.

Very pleasing, that’s how we describe the contrast ratio. In case of our test pictures, it’s been very easy to distinguish dark and bright areas. The main reason behind the excellent contrast ratio is the AH-IPS panel, where AH stands for advanced high-performance. Compared to standard IPS panels, this one should offer a better contrast ratio as well as higher brightness.

After calibrating the display we measured 97.0 percent of the sRGB color space. In case of this result we were using default settings. For an IPS panel this is standard, which should not be seen as a negative point. When looking at the MX279H from angles, then the promised 178° aren’t reached, but still viewing angles are good.

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