Cougar 700K Gaming Keyboard Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 21.11.14
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General + -
With the 700K, Cougar has created a high quality gaming keyboard, which has almost no flaws at all. We like the fact that this keyboard feels very sturdy thanks to the aluminum chassis. Apart from that, there are some very good features, including mechanical CherryMX switches and a double wrist rest. The orange backlight is completly customizable and the software is easy to use.   - Weight
- Design
- Bundle
- Hub USB
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The Cougar 700K gaming keyboard is really comfortable to use, all the keys are well placed and easy to reach so you will not find yourself pressing the wrong key by accident. It also comes with five programmable G-Key buttons are placed at the left side of the keyboard and the sixth is the second part of the space bar. Despite the initial doubt regarding this split space bar design, we have to admit that Cougar's solution is well designed, since you can easily access the sixth G-Key with your thumb. However, out of the box the G6-design is not assigned and therefore if you use the space bar with your right hand you will miss several key presses at first. In addition to standard programmable buttons, the Cougar 700K also has the multimedia keys which make the usage of the keyboard much easier. The key travel is precise and linear while the feedback is always good and perfect, as you would expect from a mechanical keyboard in this range.   - Build quality
- Comfort
- Multimedia buttons
- Backlight
- G6 buttons not assigned out of the box
Software   + -
Unlike other manufacturers, Cougar had to save a bit money since the software is not bundled in the package and you have to download it from the manufacturers site. The software is clear and precise, the functions are few and easy to edit. The GUI is well made and in line with the style of the keyboard.   - GUI
- Easy to use
Recommendation / Price   + -
If you are bored with the classic design of most keyboards on the market and you are looking for a unique product, with high-quality materials and finish, we can definitely recommend the 700K from Cougar. A closer look at the price of the Cougar 700K reveals that you have to pay 130 Euro in order enjoy this keyboard. For this price you get a gaming keyboard, which features mechanical switches, customizable backlight and a very high build quality.   - Gaming
- Office
We gave the 700K from Cougar 5 out of 5 stars.

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