Silverstone RVZ01 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 28.11.14
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The Raven RVZ01 is the latest miniITX case from SilverStone. The product features a unique design and since it's a SilverStone case, it should also come with impeccable build quality. This case is compatible with ITX motherboard and SFX PSUs but despite the fact, that it is very compact you can install high-end graphics cards. Overall this sounds like a very interesting product.

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The new Raven RVZ01 from Silverstone is a very compact case, which allows it to be used in order to assemble a very compact PC system. Silverstone's Raven lineup have always been interesting and different, and today we will check out if the RVZ01 is yet another proud member of the Raven family as well as check out both its good and bad sides.

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