Microcool Banchetto K Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 20.03.14
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Product descriptions


Banchetto K from Microcool uses a rather classical and simple design, which does not require special attention during the installation of the components. The test bench is made of polyurethane foam, and is solid and very sturdy, as well as shock and chemical agents resistant. Despite the rather generous size Banchetto K is very light, it has a weight of just 2.5 kg and surfaces are well done, however, we noticed some imperfections and burrs on our sample. On the right side there are two carved slots for the placement of the power supply and the hard drive/SSD. In the middle, we find supports for the installation of the motherboard and on the sides of it, you will find the locations to place the four 120 mm fans.
Microcool made two small incisions to allow better management of SATA cables but unfortunately this solution is not available for the power supply cables.
In the lower part of the test bench, we find the Microcool's signature and two small loops that should serve like handles.


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