Alphacool unveils RTX AiO liquid coolers

Compatible with upcoming GeForce RTX cards

If you would like to water cool the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card, you will be happy to know that Alphacool has released the Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro closed-loop liquid cooler. It's compatible with NVIDIA’s RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti cards.

According to the German water cooling specialist, the Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro CLC features a new silent pump. The suction pump, as the company calls it, is supposed to minimize the pump's volume and increase cooling performance. As the name suggests, the pump features a suction design generating less turbulence. The liquid is pushed into a 240mm radiator, which in turn gets its cooling from Alphacool fans. Due to the size of the radiator, the cooler should fit into modern cases without any issues.

The radiator is connected to the pump via 11/8mm rubber hoses with anti-kink springs. The Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro sports conventional G1/4 inch fittings, allowing owners to expand the loop. Furthermore the Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro comes with a backplate which is compatible with the RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti.

Alphacool listed the Eiswolf 240 GPX-Pro on its web store for €179.95 Euro.

Source: Alphacool

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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