OCZ RevoDrive 350 480 GB Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 24.04.14
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OCZ had launched the last version of their PCI-Express based RevoDrives back in 2011, three years ago. Back then the SSD maker put up to two SandForce SF-2281 controller on one PCI-Express card, which allowed for transfer speeds of more than 1000 Megabyte per second. Today the company launches the successor of this drive and it can host no less than four controllers, which have been bundled using OCZ's proprietary VCA 2.0 architecture.

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Specifications / Delivery

Model OCZ RevoDrive 350 240 GB OCZ RevoDrive 350 480 GB OCZ RevoDrive 350 960 GB
Capacity 240 Gigabyte 480 Gigabyte 960 Gigabyte
Form Factor PCI-Express PCI-Express PCI-Express
Memory 19nm Toshiba Toggle NAND 19nm Toshiba Toggle NAND 19nm Toshiba Toggle NAND
Technology Toggle Toggle Toggle
Controller 2 x SF-2282 4 x SF-2282 4 x SF-2282
Architecture VCA 2.0 VCA 2.0 VCA 2.0
Capacity single drives 120 GB 120 GB 240 GB
Throughput 1000 MB/s sequential read
950 MB/s sequential write
45'000 IOPS 4K random read
80'000 IOPS 4K random write
1800 MB/s sequential read
1700 MB/s sequential write
90'000 IOPS 4K random read
140'000 IOPS 4K random write
1800 MB/s sequential read
1700 MB/s sequential write
135'000 IOPS 4K random read
140'000 IOPS 4K random write
Accesstime (read) < 0.1 ms < 0.1 ms < 0.1 ms
MTBF 2'000'000 hours 2'000'000 hours 2'000'000 hours
Acoustics no noise no noise no noise
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years


The RevoDrive 350 with 480 Gigabyte NAND flash comes with no less than four SandForce SF-2282 controllers. In principle the RevoDrive 350 is based on four individual SandForce SF-2282 SSD with 120 Gigabyte. Compared to the predecessor it features the same architecture, where there is no SATA-to-PCI-X-to-PCIe chain but a single SATA-to-PCI-e-84 bridge chip on the PCB. This means that the four SF-2282 controllers get a full 4 Gigabyte per second of raw bandwidth. Compared to the predecessor bandwidth has been doubled since the PCI Express Gen 2.0 x8 interface is twice as wide.

Basically the RevoDrive 350's PCB is being equipped with up to four individual SSDs. It's rather interesting to have a closer look at the drive size of these individual units, since it to see relations between drive size and peak performance. In case of the RevoDrive 350 240 Gigabyte there are two controllers so the units must offer 120 Gigabyte capacity each. As for the RevoDrive 350 480 Gigabyte there are four controllers and therefore drive size is also 120 Gigabyte per piece. With the RevoDrive 350 960 Gigabyte things are a little bit different. There are also four controllers, which means drive size is 240 Gigabyte per unit. As proven several times in different SSD reviews 240 Gigabyte drives offer superior performance to 120 Gigabyte, which explains the substantially higher IOPS values communicated by OCZ in case of the 960 Gigabyte drive.

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