Bitfenix Shadow Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 10.04.14
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The front side of this case has a really clean and neat design. It features a door with the SofTouch finish and a magnetic lock as well as the shiny company logo and eight little airshaft windows which should draw fresh air towards the front side fans. Once we open the cover, we find three 5.25" slots, and through the removable duster filter we can see the slots for two 120mm fans (a single 120mm Spectre fan is included). The magnetic lock of the cover is well done, which can be also said for the hinges that offer a smooth movement.



The back side of this case is pretty standard, on the top part we find a fan slot that could fit 120/92/80mm fan (a 120mm Spectre fan is included) and the cut for the motherboard outputs. If we look down a bit, we find two holes for a possible liquid cooling system and seven PCI expansion slots. The bottom part features the cut for our standard ATX PSU.

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